Our natural wines:

At La Taupe we produce natural wines. For us this means fermented grape juice. No sulfites or additives like yeast, water, sugar, enzymes. And no filtration or clarification. All the work in the cellar is done by ourselves.

We ferment our white wines in old barrels (oak wood 225L) and we have 2 old wooden cuves (foudres style Elsace 30HL). The rest of the wines ferment in fiber or stainless steel tanks.

We  cultivate 7 different grape varieties. 

In white we have sauvignon blanc and chenin. In red we have cabernet franc, cabernet sauvignon, cot, gamay and pineau d’aunis. 

Our Vines

  • Le paradis; B1,5 hecatres of sauvignon blanc planted 1985-2024
  • Le poira ; 1,84 hectares of sauvignon blanc and gamay planted in 1999
  • La maison neuve; 0,7 hectares of cot planted in 2015
  • Toucheronde (quatre pierres) ; 0,7 hectares of cabernet franc and cabernet sauvignon planted in 1940. 
  • Toucheronde; 0,5 hectares of old gamay planted around 1920
  • Hannah; 0,5 hectares of Pineau dáunis planted by ourselves in 2019 and 0,2 hectares of sauvignon blanc planted in 2019.
  • Monthou sur cher; Le pas d’ane, 2 hectares of cabernet franc, chenin, sauvignon blanc planted in 1976.


Our soil is rich and has a mixture of clay, limestone, flint and small amounts of other rock. 

We make the wine that naturally as the grapes come from our land. We have beautiful cultivated 8 hectares of vines. 

We work biodynamically. What this means to us? 

It is where life starts, where the energy makes a difference where we embrace life and don’t control it with our simple minds. Here we make the difference, and we keep our plants, the soil, the earth and people healthy and alive. We work with the gravity of the moon, the constellation of the plants and the cosmos around us. 

We see, we feel, we taste and then we decide when it is time to bottle, to plant, to pick the grapes and to make our wines. The result is a typical living and energetic wine that reflects the terroir, this little piece of land in the middle of France.

Although there are no official certifications for natural wine in France we are certified as organic and biodynamic vineyards and wines. We are annually certified by Ecocert and Demeter.

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