Rien Ne Va Plus

In addition to making our own wines we also export natural wines all around the globe through our company, Rien Ne Va Plus. Bertjan has hand-picked wines from the best small producers of natural wine from all around France and Germany.

Our goal is to share the best natural wines we can find with the rest of the world. Accessing wines from small producers can be difficult without visiting their caves directly, but we are here to bring their caves to you.

If you are interested in these wines, contact us at RNVP2018@gmail.com.

Rien Ne Va Plus Wine Selection

Domaine Christophe Focher

Domaine Phillipe Tessier

Domaine Les Maisons Brûlées

Domaine Julien Courtois

Domaine Francois Ecot

Domaine les Faverelles

Domaine Agneray Frédéric

Cave Apicole

Domaine Peter Jakob Kühn

Domaine Bianka & Daniel Schmitt