Our Wines

Our wines:

Domaine la Taupe produces natural wines. For us this means no sulfites or additives, no filtering/clarification, and relying on spontaneous fermentation that is accomplished by using indigenous yeast. The result is a living wine that reflects its terroir.


Carnyx: Cabernet Franc (70%) and Cabernet Sauvignon (30%)

A light wine with very fine tannins. The body of the wine is made up of Cabernet Franc that is topped off with 30% Cabernet Sauvignon

Bruno Bert & Co: Côt

This is a wine with a lot of tannins. With hints of black fruits and cherry, this is a very drinkable and vivid wine that has a lot of freshness despite it’s bold character. Overall this is a well balanced wine that is strong, but not heavy.

AK 400: Gamay

The first sip is a mouth full of juice, red, fruity and ripe. This wine has a refreshing tint of acidity and a very nice touch of tension and volatility, every sip is an adventure. It is young and is very much still alive in the bottle, opening bottles on different days will end with different tasting experiences.

During the vinification process, the grapes are partly destemmed and the wine is put into old oaken barrels.


Surin: Sauvignon Blanc

This sauvignon blanc, right after bottling, has a slightly oxidative flair with pleasant notes of acidity. While still young there is an apple flavor that dominates the wine. As it ages it becomes more structured and has had the time to lose its oxidative side.

This wine is great to drink young or old, it is a refreshing drink for any occasion. Our 2018 bottles are ready to be enjoyed now or stowed away in a cave for later.

Surin is pressed directly after the grapes are harvested. The juice stays 5 days in a tank before finding its new home in old oaken barrels for 1.5-2 years.

The Process:

Our white wines are pressed directly after their harvest. For red wines, in general we macerate entire grapes for 5-10 days. All of our wines are aged in old oaken barrels.

Our Vines

You will find us at 40 TER, Rue Nationale, Thésée, France with 6.36ha of vines. In details our vines are broken down in the following parcels:

Le paradis: 1,5ha sauvignon blanc
Le poira: 1,84ha sauvignon blanc et gamay
La maison neuve: 0,77ha cot
Monthou/Toucheronde: 0,7ha cabernet franc and 0,5 ha gamay
Hannah: 0,45 ha Pineau d’aunis (planted in 2019) et 0,2 ha sauvignon blanc (planted in 2019)
Le sonnemot: 0,4 ha sauvignon blanc sauvage (wild)

Our soil is rich and has a mixture of clay, limestone, Flint, and smaller amounts of other rock.

None of our vines or land is treated with pesticides or herbicides and everything is done by hand with personal attention given to each vines throughout the year. We let nature take the lead while taking a hands on approach when it comes to pruning, harvesting, and other vine care. Although there are no official certifications for natural wine in France we are certified as agriculture biologique (AB) by Ecocert and as biodynamic by a French wine organization called Demeter.