Sweet dreams (Pineau d’aunis) 2022


Year: 2022

Grape variety: 100% Pineau d’aunis

Natural wine, no sulphites added.

Alcohol: 11,4 %

Sweet dreams 2022

Pineau d’aunis is a local grape variety. A light red grape, spicy in taste. Half of the grapes are pressed immediately after picking,and the remaining half is then submerged in the grape juice for skin contact and maceration. The wine then completes its fermentation in a stainless steel cuvé for a year.

A delicious wine, easy to drink. Made from grapes that we picked at Cedric Fleuri in the Vendome. Cedric is a winegrower friend who also makes natural wine- and good ones at that!

Great as an aperitif, goes well with pasta, saucisses….


Certified organic (Ecocert)


Ones upon a time…

The story behind our dragon wines

We were not able to harvest our own grapes in 2022. With the help of friendly winemakers in the Loire region, we have made our ‘dragon wines’. Why dragons? The famous fables from the Loire region. Everywhere you will find dragons, mythical animals and salamanders in castles and old manors. A reference to the old kingdom and the nobles who owned beautiful houses in the Loire region. The fables also tell us that people and animals merge together. We thought the contrast and collaboration between the mole and the dragon was a nice summary of our 2022 wine year.

An educational fight for the mole, and a victory for the mole. With the help of friends we made beautiful natural wines.

And the names of the cuvees? In 2022 we had a special musical group of enthusiasts who picked in all the vineyards. We had gathered opera, drum base, guitarists and many cheerful singers around us. The names of the dragon wine cuvees come from songs and musicians that we are fans of, or have a particularly fond memory of. No music, no life.

Fun fact – 2024 is the year of the dragon!

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1 bottle, 1 box (6 bottles)


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