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Meet Bertjan Mol, a passionate natural winemaker

Bertjan Mol is a remarkable man with an inspiring journey. Born (1971) in a small village in the Netherlands near Breda. Bertjan’s path to becoming a renowned natural winemaker was anything but ordinary.

While studying in Nijmegen, he worked in a bar, where his preference for beer overshadowed any interest in wine. However, a transformative evening in Amsterdam changed everything.

Bertjan shared a bottle of natural wine from the Beaujolais, and tasted the beauty and honesty of these wines. This marked the beginning of his deep dive into the world of natural wine – a world characterized by friendliness, mutual support, passion and an unyielding connection to nature. Here, honesty and beaty reign supreme, and every bottle is a testament to hard work and dedication. 

In 1998 Bertjan, along with his wine loving frind Markus Leineweber, founded a small natural wine import company called Klarewijn, which later became Bruutwijn import ( Today, Bertjan still imports natural wines from 30 European natural wine producers. He has a unique talent for selecting pure uncompromising natural wines, driven by a deep appreciation for their simplicity and beauty. 

In 2015, moved by his fascination for natural wines, Bertjan decided to pursue his dream. He gained invaluable experience working with esteemed natural winemakers Paul et Corinne Gillet at Les Maisons Brulees and Bruno Allion in the Touraine region, Loire France. 

His dedication and passion paid off in 2017 when he acquired 6,5 hectares of biodynamic vineyards of Bruno Allion. 

Bertjan moved to Pouille, where he now lives with his wife Nicole and their 3 children. Over the past years, he has impressed both friends and critics with his exceptional wines, always staying true to the principles of purity and simplicity. His wines are always purely natural. No sulfites, no filtrations, no added nothing. His wines have been celebrated in numerous wineblogs, newspapers and food magazines.

Bertjan Mol, is living proof that following your dream is possible. He currently works on  8 hectares of biodynamically and organically certified vineyards. He speaks decent French and continues to learn and grow in his craft of winemaking. 

His journey is a statement to the power of will, passion and dedication in achieving one’s dreams. 

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